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DRB2 (Danelectro/Silvertone Replacement Bridge)

See description below.
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Pricing: Bridge $50 USD, Bridge with saddles $75 USD.

In 2006, we designed our Danelectro/Silvertone replacement bridge to address intonation issues while also increasing sustain on some of Jeff’s beloved vintage instruments. Jeff says, "On some of the vintage and reissue Dano style guitars the little rosewood bridge saddle is just fine and groovy sounding, but it also left much to be desired for many players' needs." This bridge utilizes the classic three saddle design, with angled saddles added for better intonation, and the result is a guitar that plays in tune better, sustains longer, and has a more emphasized fundamental frequency tone. Our replacement bridge couples flat to the body to increase resonance transfer and uses the same three mounting holes of the original bridge, so there are no new holes added.* You can even use your old screws if you wish.
We originally partnered with CJ Guitar Tooling for manufacturing, but due to high demand both companies agreed we needed to contract out production. The result is a new and evolved nickel plated steel version, the DRB2 (Danelectro Silvertone Replacement Bridge). The DRB2 enhances the overall harmonics and tone even a step further. We've added two extra screw holes so that the bridge can also be used for other brands of guitars and DIY projects. We like it so much we also use it on all of our hand built
Model One guitars. You'll love what this bridge does for your guitar.
Installation only takes a few minutes, but in some cases will require the neck to be shimmed a little for better break angle. If you have a '60's Dano or Silvertone product you may have a neck angle adjustment screw built in the guitar already but, as always, we encourage professional installation by your local and favorite tech. More information and installation video can be seen
here. Sounds clips can be heard here.

-Available with and without 5/16” Brass Intonated Saddles.
-The DRB2 bridge plate alone, comes with mounting and intonation screws. No saddles are included. You can add your favorite, T-style, 3 barrel saddles from CJ Guitar Tooling or any other manufacturer of your choice.
-The complete DRB2 bridge with saddles includes mounting screws, intonation screws, and saddles. We provide 5/16” Brass Intonated Saddles.

* The DRB2 is designed to fit vintage (1955 - 1969) Dano/Silvertone three point guitar bridges and 1990's - 2000's Korean reissue guitars.
It will NOT fit Baritones, Basses, or some of the newer reissue instruments.

Note, Danelectro and Silvertone are registered trademarks. Jeff Senn Guitars has no affiliation with Danelectro or Silvertone.
The DRB2 name and design are trademarks to Jeff Senn Guitars.
The DRB2 (Danelectro Silvertone Replacement Bridge) name, all images, and design are exclusive property of Jeff Senn Guitars and may not be reproduced without specific permission.

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