Stay tuned for more upcoming collaborations with Eastwood Guitars Custom Shop!

Our newest design, The Continental, was available to order during this prefunding campaign.
Pre-order campaign ended April 27 2017
This guitar is exclusively available through Eastwood Custom Shop.
We are
not offering a hand built version of this.

We wanted to go for a higher quality, more pro player friendly instrument with The Continental.
Eastwood agreed, so The Continental is part of their new “Pro” line with higher quality parts and will be manufactured in the MIRR plant, their #1 Korean manufacturing plant and the same plant as Reverend, Dennis Fano’s Rivolta, Italia, among others.
For the player who likes to mod their guitars, the bridge pickup is super easy to change out as it’s in a P90 rout so you can drop in your fave pickup.

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UPDATE: If you missed out on the pre-order campaign for the Senn by Eastwood Model One, it’s not too late!
Due to the success of the pre-order campaign, they built some more and they’re available to purchase
No pre-order necessary, available now to purchase.

For a limited time Eastwood Guitars Custom Shop offered a version of the Model One, the Senn by Eastwood Model One.
It was available to pre-order until April 21 2016
Only $150 deposit ($679 USD total)

We’re proud and excited about this partnership, to make the Model One more attainable in both price and availability.

AND, you can’t get a Model One Lefty from us yet, but you can from Eastwood!


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